Okay first of all, you might think that you are not suppose to consume too much protein. Some may even say that it is fine to go over your daily protein intake. In actuary fact, it can go both ways. Why you may ask? Well read on to find out!

Protein Has Many Benefits

Protein obviously have many benefits. You can be rest assured that no matter what, consuming protein is very beneficial for your body. You get to repair and regenerate all the old tissues and skin cells that died. You also get to maintain your muscle and increase your metabolism. It is recommended to consume the amount of protein based on your own body weight and fitness goals. If you plan on cutting or losing weight, you have to make sure you hit your protein intake in order to not lose any muscle. If you fall short, then your muscle will go down as well as your weight and fat loss. If you are bulking, it is also better to hit your protein intake. However, most important thing is that you will be not only gaining muscle, you will also be gaining some fats. So protein will help in the sense of maintaining your muscle, however your fats will probably grow as well. You can either cut or bulk, so you have to choose which is your priority at the moment and decide which one is better for you based on your current fitness goal. Make sure to evaluate your fitness goals in order to know if you have sufficient knowledge about protein and your daily protein intake as well as your overall calorie intake.


Okay so you know what are the benefits of protein. So make you plan out your daily meal schedule in order to make sure you hit your fitness goals. Proper planning and scheduling is important to ensure you have a smooth process. Make sure to buy halal meat singapore to help with the process.

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