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SEO Malaysia: 5 SEO Basics

Although the term SEO is everywhere around the globe now, not many people really understand the meaning and the basics of SEO. With high internet penetrations in Malaysia, businesses compete to improve their visibility in search engine result. SEO Malaysia rises to cater for this need. So what are the SEO basics? SEO Malaysia happily share some of the basics to you.

  • Links

Links have always been Google’s key ranking factors for years, that is why you need to care more about having back links to your site. Having links from high-authority sites give trust signal to Google. The more high authority sites trust you, the more Google consider your site as trustworthy.

  • Content

You need to keep your content fresh, so that Google knows you are active and your content is relevant to date. New content invites people to visit your site, and let’s agree on one thing, content is where your keywords are. So better content, better SEO rank.

  • Meta Descriptions and Links

Meta description and headline are displayed in the search result, so those are the first thing that people would see. As it is the first impression of your site to the people, it is important that you provide a good one. It is called CTR (Click Through Rate), how many people click on your page from search result.

  • Mobile

Google research found that over 50 percent of searches come from mobile device. Having this fact, it is essential that your website is mobile-friendly. You can go to Google’s mobile-friendly test to check whether or not your website is fully compatible for mobile use.

  • User Experience

If your website does not have good user experience, people are most likely to bounce out of your website, and high chance they would not want to revisit. As more people come and leave, this would send signal to Google that your website is not trustworthy.

So those are some basics stuff about SEO, and now you should have some idea about what to improve on your website. Keep it simple, people want reliable, quality information, so you should provide that on your website.